Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Beer Run: Chuck's Market (aka Yong Ha Ma)

Today's Beer Run is to Chuck's Market, which apparently is also known as Yong Ha Ma. It's at the corner of Sherman and Euclid and the sign is really faded and peeling, as you can see. The place is sort of large inside but very gloomy and dark. There was almost no beer selection -- a couple of Bud six packs, a couple of Guinness bottle six packs and maybe one or two more.

The cooler didn't look like it was turned on, but I felt it and it was. The Bud was $5.99 and the Guinness was $8.99. That's about it. They did have a decent selection of various Asian food I couldn't recognize in the back, but since this is about beer, that doesn't count. Basically, you're better off going anywhere else for beer.

Here's the ratings:

Selection: 1 of 5 - almost nothing at all
Price: 2 of 5 - kind of high; and for almost no selection, that stinks
Ambiance: 2 of 5 - dreary and empty

That gives it a 5/15, which is the second worst score so far, behind only the bizarre Carolina Market.

Chuck's is at 2601 Sherman Ave NW.


  1. I live maybe a block from this store, and it's dreadful. After Maya's (i.e. Continental Market) got run out of the neighborhood, I tried to go there and I got threatening questions whenever I tried to go near the strange but interesting Korean products. I try not to go there at all unless I have to.

    There's a shop at 11th and Fairmont that has much better selection in general and isn't much further away from me, so I go there instead.

  2. yeah this place is horrible. they didn't even have miller lite when i went. If i was looking for Stella or something fancy that would be one thing, but Miller lite? come on.

    the place down the street on Sherman and Harvard is better. scary (especially on lottery nights) but much better.

  3. Check out Fairmont Liquor on Sherm and Fairmont. Although I miss Maida's Continental Mkt, it's fairly friendly, bright and clean. Chuck's Market is an eye sore and useless, imho.


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