Monday, August 10, 2009

ANC email listserve smackdown!

I noticed this the other day, pretty funny: some Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners are arguing on the Columbia Heights listserve about commissioner Lenwood Johnson paying all the commissioners' cell phone bills without approval, which apparently meant it was paid twice (according to commissioner Cliff Valenti).

It looks like the original complaint went out to just ANC 1A commissioners, then Johnson sent his response to the whole CH Listserve:
I'm glad you have finally admitted that you [Cliff] and Lakeshia [Thomas, another commissioner] both have been grossly derelict and incompetent (or idiotic) in your duties. We should also talk to the U.S. attorney and the city auditor for guidance on these very serious matters.

Then there were a couple of responses that didn't go to the CH Listserve that are much calmer from commissioner William Jordan and Valenti saying we should deal with this in house and such. Then Johnson responded angrily again on the CH List:
The commission has done nothing in the way of administrative housekeeping: mail is not picked up on a regular basis, the phone bill went unpaid until service was disconnected, the rent went unpaid for 6 months--and I'm not sure it's been paid to date, and the ANC website was shut down because the maintenance fees were not paid.

Cliff (and the whole ANC), "shut up and drive!"
Then another person, apparently not a commissioner, responded with "I wish you would adress this in house instead of broadcasting to the entire Columbia Height group." And I haven't heard anything since then.

Seems pretty funny and dumb to me -- a seemingly minor debate about a phone bill gets heated and then gets broadcast everywhere apparently to get support for one or the other side. I'm guessing these commissioners don't get along too well anyway, and this is part of that. Plus this doesn't really show ANC 1A (which covers northern Columbia Heights - see map) in a very good light anyway.

For those unfamiliar, the ANC is an elected, unpaid neighborhood council that advises the city council on neighborhood issues. They don't have much real power other than to give their opinions to the city council, but they force places with liquor licenses to abide by certain rules, like how late to stay open and such. Here's more on Wikipedia and the ANC 1A site.

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  1. If you are ever bored on a middle of the month Wed, You could sit around watching some new reality show or I highly suggest going to the ANC 1A meetings.

    It's good entertainment, plus you actually learn a little bit about what's going on in the neighborhood.

    This is kind of how ANC meetings go:


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