Thursday, August 27, 2009

Abandoned House Watch: 1337 Girard St NW

Here's the latest in the Abandoned House Watch series: 1337 Girard St NW. According to the city's real property database, it's owned by "Ultra Vision Developers" which apparently has an expired license for something -- not sure what, exactly.

The house appears on the city's vacant property list, which is good, because it means the owners are being taxed at 10 times the usual rate, so hopefully they'll do something with it. Here's more from DCRA on vacant properties, and I asked the DCRA via Twitter about it. They said that if it's not being maintained, to call 202-442-9557 to report the house. This one has some broken windows and such.

The house was also sold at a tax sale (meaning there was unpaid taxes on it) in 2003. I would assume that Ultra Vision bought either then or after that.

Know of any other abandoned buildings in the neighborhood? Leave them in the comments or email them to me.


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  2. thanks, I was wondering what the deal was with this place.


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