Thursday, July 30, 2009

Work in the Ellwood Thompson's space?

I got an email from a reader saying there's some work happening in the space at DCUSA where Ellwood Thompson's grocery store was supposed to go. I wonder if they really are planning on coming, or if that's something else? I'm getting in touch with the ET folks now, we'll see if they respond.

UPDATE: Just got a response from Cyndi Watkins of Ellwood Thompson's: "As of right now I have not heard anything new about us moving to D.C. Any construction being done must be work the landlord is doing. Thanks for your interest in Ellwood’s we hope to be in D.C. One day[.]" Doh!


  1. Let's pray for all kinds of gods and other imaginery creatures!

    [On a pessimistic note, there was some work done there earlier (couple of months ago or so) and ET spokeperson confirmed it had nothing to do with them yet.. ]

  2. After all the delays caused by the Whole Foods vs. small independent grocer debate, ET construction & financing delays, etc., at this point I'm just praying that somehow, some way, Trader Joe's can swoop on in and gobble up the space. IMHO, I think Trader Joe's should have been the go-to dream tenant in the first place.

  3. i was thinking that if i was the GM of the Giant on Park, maybe now would be the time to start getting in good fresh produce to develop some customer loyalty no? or hire some people to direct check out traffic like Whole foods does?
    I don't i feel they have to know that once ET comes they are going to lose biz? well they will lose mine at least for produce.

  4. I do wish Ellwood Thompson's would take down the signs in the window of that vacant space that say "Coming Fall 2009: Ellwood Thompson's" and then "Real. Honest. Food." Not particularly "real" or "honest" of ET to promise something it knows isn't happening.

  5. Trader Joe's was probably asked, but IS NOT an option as AFAIK they have the same (retarded) policy as Whole Foods of demanding dedicated parking. oh environmetally friendly and not to mention stupid that is with a 1000 car carage right under the space.


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