Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tubman School reconstruction?

My friend mentioned that Harriet Tubman School had some work going on behind it. I thought it was maybe just new grass, but when I walked by, there was a lot more going on. The field has been covered in crushed rock, and there were signs for an architecture firm, EEK Architects (yeah, eek!).

I didn't see very much on their website about Tubman in particular, but the sign on the fence outside Tubman included pictures of their reconstruction of Brightwood Elementary, where they refurbished the old part of the school and added a new wing. The crushed stone seems to be laid out the same way, as if the new school entrance will be at 11th and Kenyon rather than on 13th like it is now -- they did something similar for Brightwood.

The only thing I found on their site is that this guy was working on "Tubman Elementary School Classroom Modernization, Washington." I'll look into it and see just what's going on. I wonder what's going to happen to the field?


  1. According to sources in the District Government, it's going to be a synthetic soccer field.

  2. see page three:

  3. You should check out the mosaic being worked on on the Irving St side of the school. Looks like it will be pretty cool.

  4. Any chance the goals will stay up and the field will be open for public use? No worries about tearing up the grass on a turf field :)

  5. I'm glad they're doing over the Sidwell mural. It seemed communist.


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