Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tubman School: Gonna be a socca player

Thanks to some readers for finding out what's going on with the Tubman School construction -- it looks like they're replacing the field with artificial turf plus doing other various upgrades like adding bleachers for 250 people, benches for each team, replacing the chain link fence with wrought iron, and so on. This memo from DC government implies the field will still be open to the public. Glad to see, as the grass was always getting torn up there.

Columbia Heights Day organizers say the field will be done in time for the fest, so that's good.


  1. Where does it say it will still be open to the public? I couldn't find that part.

  2. It doesn't say specifically, but it says "The athletic field is heavily used by the community as well as the school. The field cannot be maintained as a natural
    grass field due to constant use."

    Since it doesn't say it won't be closed to the public now, I assume that anybody can still use it.

  3. That's a pretty big assumption, I'll believe it when I see it. Usually that much $ and a new fence and bleachers = no more public use.


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