Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Social opening August 17

Just got a press release from the folks at Social, the new restaurant coming to 14th and Meridian, and they're opening August 17. Take a gander:
Complimenting the innovative design concept, Social will provide a fresh dining experience. The plates are as interesting and diverse as the beverage selection. The Shareable menu items such as the Poke Stack, an Ahi tuna sashimi dish, or the Baby Lamb Lollipops topped with cilantro pecan pesto are available in Intimate, Social, or Gala micro-dining sizes, allowing any size party to mix and match menu items to their taste. If sharing is not your forte, European-style Pan Roasted Crispy Chicken and other items on the Self Indulgence menu provide a tasty individual experience. To create an unrushed and comfortable environment, Social does not take reservations and does not require you commit to your whole meal in one order.

“We take the beverage approach to dining,” according to owner AJ Guy, “When you go out for drinks you never order them all at once. In the same way, our menu is designed to be leisurely perused by our guests.”
They'll be open every day and "soon" for brunch on Saturday and Sunday according to the press release. The press release also talks about modern furniture and art on the walls.


  1. the words Baby, Lamb and Lollipop do not belong together.

  2. oh yes they do. your probably a vegetarian


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