Monday, July 13, 2009

Soccer jerseys in the neighborhood

Looking for soccer jerseys? Luckily for soccer fans (and I'm always seeing folks around the neighborhood with soccer jerseys on, which is why I thought of it) the Columbia Heights area has a number of stores that have a lot of soccer stuff. There's a bunch of jerseys for sale at Peggy's South of the Border, a funky little story at 3541 14th St NW. I got a Bayern-Munich jersey for $20, and they have lots of other cool-looking ones, mostly Central American club teams and national teams.

Down the street at Nash's Sporting Goods has a good selection too, as does Marshall's in DCUSA, which I mentioned before. Got any other fave places for soccer gear in the neighborhood?


  1. Hey, speaking of soccer... I'm moving to the neighborhood (Highland Park, to be specific) in a couple weeks, and I'm wondering if there's any pickup soccer happening. If so, where? And if not, is there any interest in starting a weekly kick-around?

  2. There is ALWAYS soccer at Carter Barron up 16th street (2 miles north of CH metro). Sometimes the games can get overwhelming (20 on 20 anyone?) but there are tons of fields and its pretty easy to find a game that suits you.


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