Monday, July 6, 2009

Apparent robbery, lack of action by security at DCUSA Washington Sports Club

Pretty crazy story posted today on the Columbia Heights Listserve -- a patron in the locker room of the Washington Sports Club says he noticed a guy with bolt cutters trying to open a locker. Apparently that's not too unusual, as the staff have a pair in case people forget their combos, but when the patron came back, he noticed his lock had been changed. He confronted the man, struggled for the man's bag a bit, something fell out and the man ran off.

The patron started chasing the guy, and during this time, there was a towel person in the locker room who didn't do anything. He chased the guy through the club, yelling "thief!" but again nobody on staff did anything. Then near the door of DCUSA, where the security guard is posted, the patron yelled the man had stolen his stuff. The security guard didn't do anything either, and the man ran outside.

Luckily, an off duty Metro police officer heard the commotion and caught the guy. They found the patron's wallet, as well as another person's, and when they went back to the locker room they found the patron's computer and such, which had fallen out of the thief's bag.

Pretty crazy, in that neither the WSC staff and the DCUSA security guard did anything. The patron said the WSC staff seemed "blase" about it and wondered if they were in on it or something, since the man had a pair of bolt cutters.

Weird story. Anybody else have any negative experiences with the WSC or DCUSA staff about thefts? This is the kind of stuff that could make people stop going to the shopping center. And of course, I assume the story is true, as it doesn't raise any red flags for me -- unlike the last DCUSA crime story I remember, which turned out to be a hoax.


  1. Many companies treat security as something they need just for lower insurance rates.

  2. Compacency with crime in Columbia Heights extends much further than the walls of WSC.

  3. This disgusts me. If this happened in Rockville you better believe the staff or security guard would have done something. People in this hood just don't give a rat's ass about you or your personal property.

  4. Sadly, this does not even surprise me. The security guards at the "Mall" are just decoration. Last Thursday my bike got stolen while I was at the gym for spinning at 6:30 in the morning. The bike was locked and all and clearly visible to everybody. I am sure the security guards saw the theft of my bike - and others - and thought "not my business".

  5. Believe it or not, I'd say that this guy was extremely lucky that the thief was such a damn fool.

    No BS here, you can actually open most combination locks with a coke can and a pair of scissors.

    What anybody with a storage locker should worry about more is the thieves that can get in and out of their locker without anyone ever noticing...

  6. How did a thief get in the locker room in the first place? If you can afford to pay $75 a month for membership, the assumption is that you have some extra income to afford to be there and wouldn't need to be risking arrest to boost wallets.


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