Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pete's Apizza now delivering!

This is pretty cool - tasty local pizza joint Pete's Apizza now delivers. The delivery area is pretty big, from 16th to Georgia and Upshur to U.

Delivery hours are 5PM to close (10PM Sunday through Thursday, 11PM
Friday and Saturday).

In a message on the CH Listserve, they note that since it's a new service, there may be a few hiccups, and ask people to please be patient. They also ask folks to check out their Twitter page for updates on delivery service:

The minimum delivery order is $20, and there's a $3 delivery fee.

Pete's is at 1400 Irving Street NW in the Highland Park building. Their number is 202-332-PETE (7383).


  1. I ordered last night, even though I live a block outside the delivery zone (17th and Euclid). Took about 35 minutes. Definitely not cheap, but it's the best delivery pizza I've ever had! Especially around here.

  2. There is no way I'm spending $50+ for two pizzas. I can get two pizzas from Papa Johns for 30 or less and they deliver as well. Pizza is supposed to be cheap.

  3. "The minimum delivery order is $20"

    Won't be hard to meet the minimum, considerining there isn't a pizza on the menu for that price or less!

    (How this place stays in business selling $28 pizzas is beyon me.)

  4. I like it by the slice but I wont buy a whole pizza from this place as long as there's a Papa Johns/Pizza Hut that delivers nearby. I needz my qponz.


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