Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Passive-aggressive tree note

I saw this the other day on Kenyon (I think) between 13th and 14th. There was a big old tree laying on the sidewalk, and I noticed this note attached to it:

Here's the tree in question. Kind of blurry and hard to see, but you can see the note on the right side. It kind of looks like a Christmas tree, which is funny since it's July.

I'm going to send this to But if the person who wrote the note knows who put the tree out, why not just ask them nicely about it? For example: "Hey neighbor, did you all call the city to schedule a bulk pick up? No? Well, did you know you can do it online?" You know, rather than being passive aggressive and probably pissing off the folks in 1356.


  1. I walk past that almost every day. I'm pretty sure it's a city thing. they did tree work on that block of Kenyon weeks back and i think that was the detritus. and now it's laying on the sidewalk rotting and probably holding numerous nests of bugs.

  2. well, the note makes me think that the folks in 1356 put it out there. Plus the city usually picks up the trees once they cut them down

  3. Oh man... passive-aggressive-ness is one of the worst features you could have in a roommate. Or a neighbor. I'm sure most of us know this from personal experience.

  4. it's not a tree (oddly, this would have been obvious to someone taking such a close-up photo). it is limbs and cuttings left by city workers after recent trimming work. it was there for weeks before being cleaned away. (time enough for the grass underneath to die)

  5. It doesn't really matter if it was a tree or part of a tree, the note was the part I was interested in.


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