Thursday, July 2, 2009

NextBus users report problems

Looks like NextBus is having some issues - mislabeled signs, arrival times out of whack, voice commands not working, and more.

Gee, WMATA, maybe you should have had a beta-test website. OH WAIT!
See, this is why beta tests are useful. This is why you shouldn't shut them down when people, shockingly, use them.

But enough of that. Has anybody here used Nextbus? How did it work for you?


bothsidesofthefence said...

It was spot on for me when I tried it yesterday morning for the 64. As in, it said "Arriving" and the bus was just then rolling up to the stop. Impressive, considering this is WMATA we're talking about.

Hopefully they'll straighten out the sign/stop number issue; the City of Fairfax CUE bus has been using the NextBus system for at least two years now, and though it's a much less complicated system with not nearly as many routes, it works well.

Here's hoping!

Mackenzie said...

Tried it at the Columbia & 14th Circulator stop. Stupid thing didn't recognize "Circulator."

Sam said...

Worked perfectly for me.

Anonymous said...

I thought next bus was only for metro bus and not for circulator. Doesn't the circulator have its own system?

Andrew said...

Anon - correct. I wrote about it earlier: