Monday, July 27, 2009

Metered parking hours changing around DCUSA

Looks like folks parking at meters in the area around DCUSA (what I like to call "Downtown Columbia Heights") are in for some changes -- the city is starting a pilot program for Columbia Heights and the Nationals stadium area to increase parking meter costs after an hour, to encourage people to use mass transit or use off-street parking (like the under-utilized DCUSA garage, for example).

In Columbia Heights, they're limiting the amount of time folks can park at metered spots to two hours. I think this sounds like a good idea, as there's tons of easy and pretty cheap parking at DCUSA, and hopefully it would let short term folks use the street spaces. Of course, it will require some education too, so folks don't get mad when they discover their metered street parking is pricey.

It wouldn't apply to residential areas.

WTOP writes about it most clearly, and there are articles from Fox, and the Examiner. Greater Greater Washington has a recap of a public meeting about it.

What do you think? Good idea, or sucks!?

Sign not from Columbia Heights

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