Monday, July 20, 2009

Illegal bar on Georgia Ave

Saw this on the CH listserve: apparently there was an illegal bar called G2 Lounge at 2632 Georgia Ave. Weird! It's like the 1930s or something, a speakeasy. Apparently MPD (and Eliott Ness?) busted it the other day. Here's what councilman Jim Graham had to say:
I want to congratulate and thank MPD and DCRA for their great team work at
2632 Georgia Ave. My office received reports from many of you that the G2 Lounge may be operating illegally out of this building. Upon police action on Saturday, July 11, DCRA confirmed there was no Basic Business License to operate the lounge. And no alcohol license. Further actions may be taken once DCRA receives the police reports.

Again, thank you to community residents for bringing the problem to our attention. I will keep you informed on the progress of the investigation and further actions.


  1. So funny! This wasn't a speak easy. Even I knew about it! There was a big sign for it and everything! Had no idea they didn't even get permits. What bozos!

  2. there are a lot of illegal bars in this city.
    the house of secrets was a pretty infamous one.

  3. Actually the ANC knew about it but didn't care. Commissioner Smith should step down from his position.


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