Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Got graffiti? Want a mural?

Saw this posted the other day on the Columbia Heights Yahoo listserve. Looks like you don't have to have graffiti to get one:

The DC Department of Public Works and Councilmember Jim Graham have launched the second year of the MuralsDC program, created to replace illegal graffiti with artistic works, to help revitalize communities and teach young people the art of aerosol painting. This initiative positively engages DC youth and has been successful in deterring future acts of graffiti vandalism on the property.

District citizens may have their residential (or commercial property) considered as a potential mural site if they are privately owned and highly visible from the street. Residents also must be willing to sign an agreement form authorizing use of this space for the mural (which will be approximately 10 x 20 feet).

For more information, please contact Nancee Lyons at (202) 671-2637 or send an email to Nancee.Lyons@dc.gov to receive an application and release form.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a cool way of cleaning up some real estate: know of anyone who's done it?


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