Monday, July 6, 2009

Girard Park opening party

Looks like the park at 14th and Girard is almost done, and I just got a flier for an opening party, to be held Saturday, July 11th from 2-6 pm. The flier says "food, fun and music."

It looks like the new park has a couple bathrooms and some landscaping and such.

The park closed in December, so that means it was about 6 months of work. Not too bad.


Anonymous said...

Post the flyer?

Andrew said...

I can't post files, but it literally says nothing more than what's there - it has a picture of the plan of the park, that's it.

CGibbs said...

Bathrooms? Great. I wonder if htere is a plan to keep them clean. This has stink written all over it.

Urban Revival Media said...

Kids Say Cheese at opening of Girard Park: