Friday, July 24, 2009


I noticed on the website, and a few folks mentioned to me, that a lot of things for Columbia Heights Day say "CoHi Day" instead of the full version. I'm not a fan of CoHi, as I mentioned before, so I asked Allison Basker, one of the organizers about it. She said "We needed to depart from the map logo (even though that will be our branding logo from now on) [because] there's only so many things you can do with it each year for the shirt."

That seems logical to me. The event isn't changing, it's just this year's t-shirt. Your thoughts?


  1. I dont like the new all.
    As for CoHi, meh, I dont really care. Im not one to use it in common speech, but I recognize some do.

  2. hideous new design. they should have stuck with the map on the shirts.

  3. if I ever heard someone say "CoHi" or "CoHe" in conversation, I'd pepper spray them. I don't actually have pepper spray, but I'd find some.

  4. when is C.H. Day anyway?

  5. I am not a fan of the shirt. I like the idea of switching up the design for sales and variety (I wouldn't want 8 shirts with a map of DC), but it is a little nickelodeon and the CoHi makes me cringe a bit!

    I'll definitely be supporting, though!

    The event is August 29

  6. Wonder what Spanish speakers will think of a word that ryhmes with sucked if you replace the f. Phonetically, CoHi (Coji) in Spanish is similar to *uc*ed. Good luck!!

  7. Aw, the map logo was tremendous!

  8. Migz - haha, nice. I'm going to steal that joke.

    Vicky, Agreed, I think they're still using the map on their website and stuff.


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