Monday, July 6, 2009

Beer Run: 727 Market

Beer run: 727 Market
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This edition of the Beer Run series is the 727 Market at the corner of Georgia and Gresham (between Harvard and Girard). It's a pretty small place, with not much beer selection, just one cooler that was about half beer, but they did have lots of 40s, Mad Dog 20-20, and other such stuff.

Prices were ok - Bud was $5.50 or so for a a 6-pack, and MD 20-20 was $2.25, if you're into that kind of thing. Twelve packs of Milwaukee's Best and another similar beer (I forget exactly what) were $9 -- pretty cheap.

Here's the ratings:

Selection: 3 of 5 - not much beer, but lots of 40s
Price: 3 of 5 - some good deals (12 packs), some less good deals (Bud)
Ambiance: 3 of 5 - the folks were nice enough

727 Market is at 2820 Georgia Ave NW

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