Tuesday, July 21, 2009

14th and Girard Street Park not actually open

Well, looks like something was wrong with the construction of the 14th and Girard Street Park: I walked by today and it was closed with workers tearing up the concrete park near 14th Street.

A sign said it'd be closed until July 27, and DC Watch had this to say: "On Monday morning, the future Obama Park failed city inspections. It was closed to redo a substantial amount of the work that has been done; it's expected to be closed for several weeks."

The park may also soon be renamed Barack Hussein Obama Park, which Jim Graham proposed, but that's pretty controversial -- tons of people on the CH Listserve are arguing about the name, and whether or not the council can actually rename it. There's a law that the Council passed saying living people can't have things named after them, but Graham says it's ok -- see Ben Ali Way for example.

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