Friday, June 19, 2009

Want a speed bump on your block?

If so, it looks like the Mayor has made it easy. The process has been streamlined in the last few years -- before, there had to be a traffic study, and now people only need to get a majority of their neighbors to sign a petition. The WTOP article doesn't have a link and I can't find a speed bump request on the city's website, but I bet you could email Councilman Jim Graham if you were interested.

I'm trying to think of speedbumps around the neighborhood - I think there's one on Euclid or Fairmont around 11th.


  1. There are a bunch on holmead. There are also a couple on 11th right before spring.

  2. Euclid and Fairmont just recently received many speed tables (as they are calling them these days). However it does not stop the problem with people going down the wrong way on Fairmont between Sherman and Georgia.

  3. I would love a few on my block on Arkansas Ave. People drive easily 50mph to make the light at Piney Branch.

  4. a bunch on monroe between 16th and 14th


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