Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sharing your backyard: a case study

I've mentioned the website Sharing Backyards a couple times before, the site where people can share their backyard with gardeners, or for potential gardeners to find a backyard to do their thing. It's a pretty neat site, and today DCist and the Post have updates on one backyard-sharer in Columbia Heights. Sounds like it's going well for all involved. Here's the Sharing Backyards website.

Anybody else around here share their yard, or find someone else's to garden in?


  1. I'm currently sharing my back yard with a couple who live in an apt near me. We connected through the sharingbackyards site. The site's pretty active - I had to turn away close to 10 inquiries! Looks like most of the backyards tend to be in the columbia heights/petworth area and a smattering over in Capitol Hill.

    we've got an active system of raised beds going and are using square foot gardening techniques, composting and rain barrels.

    It's nice having someone else partake in this activity. I feel our division of labor is 50:50. They tend to take care of the garden during the week and I on the weekends. we've got the following growing: eggplant, fennel, zukes, tomatoes, peppers, basil, mint, chives, calendula, green beans, and edaname.

    At this point in the season things are pretty low key, our main focus is to keep the beds moist and to weed... but soon we shall see the bountiful harvest!

  2. There's a really interesting initiative called Community Greens - http://www.ashoka.org/communitygreens - where whole alleys become shared green spaces. check it out!


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