Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shooting at CH Metro

UPDATE 7, 5:08 pm: Some photos from a fire department photographer in an upper story.

UPDATE 6, 4:55: The Post says the suspect was headed west on foot on Irving, but at least there are lots of cameras and such around. Let's hope they were recording.

UPDATE 5, 4:48: From DCist, "Metrobus route numbers 52, 53, 54, H2, H4 and H8, as well as the Woodley Park/McPherson Square Circulator, are being rerouted around the area."

The City Paper says two people were arguing on the train, then got off and left the station, and that's when the shooting happened.

ABC7 says the the shots were fired 10 feet from the south Metro entrance, right outside the Five Guys. Conpletely nuts.

UPDATE 4, 4:36: there are some stories from the shooting in the comments. Check them out, or add your own.

UPDATE 3, 3:58: DCist reports that 14th and Irving are blocked off in both directions, and many rounds were apparently fired. Crazy.

UPDATE 2, 3:51 pm: From WMATA's Twitter: "Green-Yellow Lines: Disruption at Columbia Heights. The south side entrance of Columbia Heights is closed due to police activity outside .." Better adjust your commute, as traffic is also bad.

UPDATE 1, 3:47 pm: Fox5 says it was at 14th and Irving about 3:15 pm, and two men were shot in the leg.

We're hearing there's a shooting at the Columbia Heights Metro - anybody near there? If so, let us know what's up in the comments.


  1. i live in the highland park apts at 14th and irving, and i heard the gun shots, but didn't realize anything was up until i glanced outside and the entire area was roped off.

  2. I was there right after they were shot. One was laying on the ground as friends rushed to be by his side until cops came, next to the CVS (across from the Health Clinic). He did seem to be injured lower in the body as he was propped up on his arms when I saw him.

    I don't know about any one else being shot but one man was hit by a car during all the chaos. He seemed to be up and moving but very woozy when they took him in the ambulance.

    It was a frightening scene! Our prayers go out to these persons and their families!!!

  3. Washington Post just wrote this:

  4. I was at work at Pete's during the shooting and one of our cashiers saw something. I left soon after and had to walk up 14th (from the alley) to Irving as the rest of the street was closed. Gotta say I'm pretty damn tired of this. Folks need to get a job or a life and stop shooting eachother.

  5. This kind of incident needs a community response - a "take back our streets" march or something. Is there a group that might organize that kind of thing??

  6. Not sure of any org, but you can bet that the neighborhood meetings will be packed.

  7. Anon at 4:27, you must feel pretty silly spending upper nw rent and having to experience these ghetto like activities, right? I know I would.

  8. last anon, what? don't be a jerk.

  9. anon at 10:15:
    no, actually, i don't feel silly. i specifically chose columbia heights because i love the neighborhood, and i wouldn't move if given the choice.
    i don't know what type of point you were trying to prove...either you pay more to live in a safe white neighborhood, or you pay less so you can feel superior because you live in a tough neighborhood...
    either way, stop acting smug, it's not exactly a helpful attitude when people are getting shot in broad daylight.
    -anon 4:27


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