Monday, June 22, 2009

The Real World (probably) won't be coming to Wonderland

Looks like local bar Wonderland won't be allowing the Real World kids to come in:
Owner Matt McGovern was on the fence when I called him. "Honestly, I watch almost no TV at all," he admitted. "I don't know if I'd let them film here." So he put my question to a vote of the patrons present, shouting "Should we let 'The Real World' film in here?" Audible groans and murmurs of dissent could be heard on my end. "I guess the answer's no," he said. "We almost run the bar like a democracy, and certain things have to be put to a vote." He paused for a minute. "If they want to come when we're closed, like a film shoot, then I wouldn't object. It's probably all staged anyway."
Well, it's not ruled out, but it looks like it's a long shot. I have a feeling people at the bar would be less than pleased if they did show up, anyway. The show is supposed to start filming soon.


  1. Are you kidding? Everyone is dying for the Real World people to show up in our favorite places so we can be smug to them while pretending we're not thinking, "OMG I MIGHT BE ON MTV!".

  2. I disagree Jon. I'd say many people would rather not shame themselves and their families by appearing on MTV. Plus, it isn't hard to get on MTV. All you have to do is find someone to make you a beat, pick random lyrics that sound alike, then make a dance and look like a jackass.

    Or you can have someone produce a generic rock sound with an electric synthetic violin that you cry about your last break-up over.

  3. You people are so fuckn stuck up it's almost funny !

  4. As vapid as the Real World has been for a long time, I'm glad that we have the opportunity to represent DC as a beautiful, textured place. Community is the name of the game. Wonderland's perceived attitude of exclude, exclude, exclude is a poor strategy and works to its detriment.


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