Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nori is closed?

Looks like Nori Asian Bistro is no more. My roommates went last night and it was closed - the second time they've been in a week or so that it's been shut on a regular night. The Columbia Heights News forum has more, with people attributing it to high rent, an awkward space, or mediocre food. Personally, I thought the food was pretty good, especially the entrees and appetizers. They got pretty good reviews on Yelp as well. The sushi was OK, but they had a nice sushi happy hour deal that my buddy used to go to all the time.

Anyway, it's too bad to see them go. Who knows what will go in next. If it's really high rent that's the issue, I'd bet it'll be a bank or some chain - a cell phone store or Foot Locker or something.

That leaves Pho 14, Panda Express, and the take-out place next to 7-Eleven as the remaining Asian joints in the neighborhood. Apparently Sake Club won't be coming, they don't have a coming soon sign anymore. There is, however, a coming soon sign for Thai Tanic in the Allegro apartments at 14th and Meridian.


  1. I guess nori was on the dragon's tale. Second place in that spot since 2004 that hasn't been able to cut it. Thankfully Thai Tanic II will come this summer and sink it's competition!


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