Monday, June 15, 2009

New liquor store at Sherman and Fairmont

Fairmont Liquor
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Yesterday I was walking around and noticed the new liquor store at Sherman and Fairmont. From what I remember, it used to be a mini-mart, and there are still a few basic food items there.

As for booze, it's a pretty small place with an ok selection, and the prices seemed ok - not as cheap as the CC liquor store at 14th and Monroe, but pretty decent. They had Jim Beam for $8 and $15, which wasn't bad.

Beer prices were odd, it seemed like most things, including Guinness, were $7.50, but so was Bud Light (unless I read it wrong and that was a 12 pack).

But hey, it's convenient for folks in that area. Let me know if you go and what you get, price-wise.


  1. This new liquor store will join another liquor store and two other beer and wine stores all in a three block radius. Best of luck to the new proprietor, but don't you suppose folks could use a decent mini-mart like the one that used to be there, the Continental Market? It was run by an amicable woman who was held up at gun-point three times in her store in less than a year. I was sad to see it go and am glad to be off that block.

  2. Yeah, I can't say I share your excitement on this one.
    -Mr. T in DC

  3. Where are the other ones? I only know of the two at 14th and Monroe?

  4. Fairmont/13th is a mom & pop liquor store with a decent selection.

    Sherman/Harvard and Harvard/11th both sell beer and wine.

  5. oops. Sherman and Harvard is the liquor store and the other two sell beer and wine

  6. I'll have to check out the Sherman/Harvard one. I think the other mom & pop beer/wine/food one is 11th and Fairmont

  7. You're correct, which means they're only a block apart.

  8. I miss Maya's, too. She had produce and a lot of unique products, but between the crime and the rent (which incidentally only a liquor store could pay) she was forced out. I would love to see something other than a liquor store on Sherman Avenue, but I think it's going to take a lot of action from the neighborhood, probably on the landlord.

    It sucks that everything seems to just die on Sherman. At least the gas station is renovated and not as bad as it used to be.

  9. Incidentally, I'm going to keep going to the mom-n-pop corner store on 11th and Fairmont if I have urgent needs, though Fairmont Liquor And Grocery is closer to me.

  10. The guy who owns this store is super nice - the times that I've been he's asked what else I might be interested in him carrying, etc. They carry more than just alcohol and also take credit cards, which is convenient. I used to live right next door to the 11th and Fairmont store and really liked it but a recent move puts the Sherman location closer to me. I didn't frequent the previous store on Sherman so I don't have a comparison but I would say don't dismiss the current tenants without a visit.

  11. they're working on the Sherman Ave streetscape upgrades, maybe that will help.

    and thanks Jess, I'll give it another shot.

  12. Actually this liquor store is up for renew of its license. The residents of Fairmont and Euclid Streets do not want a NEW liquor store on our block. There is an over concentration of liquor stores in the area and some (Harvard Liquors) have attracted violent drive-by shootings. We do not need any more violence in Columbia Heights. If you are interested in joining the fight, the group has been working with Jim Graham's office and have been granted a hearing date of June 29th, 2009 at ABRA (941 N. Capital). All are welcome to attend (pro or against the liquor store).

  13. Will does not speak for a majority of residents on Fairmont or Euclid. I live across the street from the store in question and I have not heard of ANY criminal presence since the store opened. Therefore, to penalize the store owner and patrons for what MIGHT happen is purely speculative. There will be many supporters for the store at the next hearing.

  14. ANAN was wrong. No one supports this liquor store. N one showed up at the hearing except those that do not want it.

    And there have already been incidents of violence. Please do your homework before speaking.

    This liquor store will be gone. No one wants it.

  15. Most recent anon - can you give me some more details?

  16. Anonymous,

    I think you should follow your own advice and do your own homework. Everyone can't be against the store, because I'm not. Furthermore, there is a petition of support with over thrity signatures of local residents. This is tangible proof that many residents feel differently about the store than you do.

    I would also like an account of these alleged violent incidents you speak of. As I previously stated, I live directly across the store and have heard of no such incidents. In fact, the previous store was robbed at gunpoint several times, yet there were no calls to close that establishment. Again, these efforts to shut down a store with a legitimate license are purely speculative and not fair to the owners or patrons.

  17. Actually Anonymous is correct. During a roll call meeting June 29th, 2009 (, there was a significant number of Fairmont residents AGAINST the liquor store. There were NO residents in attendance that were in favor of the liquor store.

    I have signed legal appointments from people on Fairmont to represent them with regards to preventing the renewal of Fairmont Liquors Class A license. We also had a large petition list. But petitions do not have legal standing unless you have people actually taking the time to show up to the ABRA hearing.

    We have legal standing beyond a petition in this matter.

    If there were people in favor of the liquor store, they should have filed with ABRA. It is one thing to collect signatures on a petition. I took the extra step and got letters of representation that have been entered into public record for this matter.

    We have standing for the petition and will be entering mediation with the store soon. Unfortunately the mediation is closed to the public.

    On a side note, a group unrelated to my group is researching the legality of the transfer of the license (it was transfered in violation to ABRA procedures).

    So I have done my homework. We have pictures and documentation of incidents that we will be presenting at a later hearing before the ABRA board.

    This liquor store is not wanted by a large number of Fairmont residents, just like the illegal G2 lounge that we reported to the police and ABRA.

  18. Will,

    You still have not articulated what these "incidents" are. Are you prevented from posting because of the mediation? It is impossible to debate the merits of your arguments without specific examples of criminal activity. If you can point to a number of criminal incidents were police responded; I'll gladly conceed. I really have no interest in the store being there or not. The owner is friendly and it's easier to walk across the street to get a beer, instead of having to go over to Euclid. In the grand scheme of things though, it isn't a huge deal. However, I'm troubled by some of these actions to remove the liqour store. To me, it's bordering dangerously close to the, "we don't want those kind of people in our neighborhood" mentality.

  19. Annan,

    Please do not lower yourself to the "those people" argument. Nobody said anything about race, gender, sexual orientation, extraterrestrial belief, religion, education level, or whatever. This is simply a financial and safety issue.

    We have an out-of-state (neither the owner nor the person that runs the liquor store) are D.C. residents. They have brought a legalized drug store (alcohol is classified by the FDA as a drug, legal, but one that still requires regulation) to the area for the sole purpose of extracting money from the community. This is a for-profit business with no ties to the community.

    Pleasant Plains is over-saturated with liquor stores. Liquor stores in Pleasant Plains have historically been places that attract violence (including Fairmont Liquor and Harvard Liquor). I am reserving our evidence for the ABRA board hearing (we don't want to make it too easy for Fairmont Liquor's attorney-yes the owner is using a high priced attorney and now we must also use an attorney so that we are on the same ground). However if you wish to spend the time searching police reports in the area, you will find the same exact evidence.

    When many of the residents of Fairmont and Euclid purchased their homes, the store was not a liquor store. Since its opening, our property values have continued to erode. Several of the residents have been unable to sell their homes due to the liquor store opening.

    Liquor stores have their proper place in the District of Columbia, just not in purely residential areas like Pleasant Plains and Parkview.

  20. i am just concern those 2 or 3 people they living close to the liquor store he goes by name will tight up with counselor Jim gram we need to investigate whats going about this foxes

  21. Yo, Fairmont Liquor Store is that place. Cheap, fair prices for beer, wine, and liquor. Good quality people in Habib and Derpa. They hold that shit down. I put that shit on everything. Sho nuff.

    - Top Dawg, posted in front of Fairmont appartments

  22. It's still way cheaper then the bar. Alcohol is pretty expensive but as always the supply meets the demand.


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