Monday, June 1, 2009

Neighborhood safety forum this Saturday

Got this from a friend, there've been some flyers up around the neighborhood lately advertising a "Safe Streets, Strong Communities" forum on Saturday at St. Stephen's Church. The flyer says it will be "a safe space for community members to discuss their ideas and concerns. As such, we are asking that law enforcement does not attend this event."

It's being put on by a variety of groups - the Black Brown Alliance, Critical Resistance, Empower DC, Jobs with Justice, Latino Economic Development Corporation and the Social Action & Leadership School for Activists. There will also been free childcare and snacks, and English-Spanish interpretation.

Might be interesting, or it might be a bash-the-police session. It sounds pretty progressive, so hopefully it will be useful.

It's 3-6 pm at St. Stephen's, which is at 16th and Newton.


  1. judging from the groups participating, it will be less about cracking down on crime in the community, and more of a complaining about police brutality meeting.

  2. Not necessarily. Just because a public forum is sponsored by organizations who primarily focus on assisting minority populations does not mean it will be a meeting solely concerned with police brutality. In addition, the meeting is meant to be about all violence in our community, discussed freely and openly. If our neighborhood is to have an open dialogue about violence, this seems like the best place to start.

  3. Will you guys run a follow up story on this?

  4. I have to work then, but maybe I can get someone else to go


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