Monday, June 8, 2009

Neighborhood residents make a post-apocalyptic movie

Sometime NCH writer Robyn Mincher has an interview up with three folks from in and around the neighborhood who've put together Mopedlords, a web series about a post-apocalyptic DC ruled by moped gangs. (Full disclosure: they're my buddies and I have a small role). It's a pretty funny idea, and they're having a premiere party tonight at DC9 starting at 9 pm. Anyway, check out the interview, the trailer, and their website - episode 1 will be released tomorrow online.

They filmed around the city, including in Columbia Heights, and they mention the area a bit. For example, John Hammer's Moped Mart is located "between the remains of Bed Bath and Beyond and Pollo Campero":

JOHN HAMMER'S MOPED MART from MOPEDLORDS. from Pablo Maurer on Vimeo.


  1. wow. that looks fucking stupid.

  2. I know that dirtbag. He looks amazing. 3:35 dont hate.


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