Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mayor's Conservation Corps leaves litter all over

Glad I'm not the only one who noticed this - a new youth organization called the Mayor's Conservation Corps, which is part of the city's summer youth job program, has blanketed Columbia Heights and elsewhere with paper door hangers. However, the hangers weren't actually on doors - I saw them on fences, on the sidewalk, on car windshields, all over.

The signs say "The Mayor's Conservation Corps -- We're here to help clean and green your neighborhood!" without much other information. It might be a good group, getting kids to clean up the city and do environmental work, but putting crap everywhere is kind of counterproductive.

What's funny/sad is that a staff member replied in the comments on Scott's Take, a Columbia Heights blogger, promising to send the kids back out and pick up the signs they left. Maybe next time, send out some supervision for the kids.


  1. The kids papering your door are all wearing matching blue T-shirts with Mayor Fenty's name on them.

  2. yeah, somebody else suggested it was free campaign literature for Fenty. who knows though.

  3. Haters and Nonbeliever, well at least the crime rate is not as high as last summer around this time. Which do you prefer? Also, at least they know hoow to pppronounce Corps now! Like Ameri- Corps, Peace Corps, and so forth! When will we support the positive?


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