Monday, June 8, 2009

Lady Gaga, Wale shoot a video in the neighborhood

My buddy just sent this to me, pretty cool. Dance music star Lady Gaga and DC-based rapper Wale shot their new video for "Chillin" partly in Columbia Heights - you can see street signs for Georgia and Kenyon, as well as Cardozo High School and other local spots like Ben's Chili Bowl.

Wale is a cool rapper, he has lots of good stuff, including some free mixtapes on his Myspace. Here's his Wikipedia page and Myspace page. He's done songs with Justice and others. Lady Gaga is a pretty big star lately with some hit songs. Here's her Wikipedia and Myspace.


  1. I was pretty excited about this till the "no snitching" props at about 2:00 in.

  2. that's good stuff! Thanks for sharing.


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