Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Italy Pizza = tasty

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So awhile back a reader sent me a tip to check out Italy Pizza, a newish place (or at least new to me) on Florida Ave that delivers to Columbia Heights. I've ordered there a few times since then, and I recommend it!

The place is more expensive than say Manny & Olgas or Pizza Boli, but it's good stuff. The crust is excellent, it's crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, as opposed to most delivery places where it's just a thing to put toppings on. The toppings themselves are good too - pictured here is the supreme.

Plus their Yelp page seems to be a hookup spot - check out this exchange:

Jake S.: "Best delivery pizza in the U Street area. I got a large pepperoni pie for $12 and am still enjoying it."
Holley S.: "Jake S--I like your taste in pizza. Care to meet up for a bite somewhere? I live in the U Street area..."

First time I've ever seen that, pretty funny.

Their website has some deals too. I've never had the sandwiches though, and they apparently also offer pretty tasty and cheap jumbo slices.

Italy Pizza is at 634 Florida Ave NW, their number is (202) 332-2600.


  1. the salads are great too. definitely worth the prices.

  2. And if you mention that you're Facebook friends with them, you get 10% off!

  3. I discovered this place a few months ago! My roomates and I are hooked on the spinach & artichoke pie. And the guys who own the place are really cute and nice!


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