Thursday, June 11, 2009

Interns about to descend on Wonderland?

I just found the hilarious blog Spotted: DC Summer Interns, and in it was this terrifying exchange about Wonderland:
Six summer interns were sitting at a table next to mine last night at dinner. As we’re getting up to leave I overheard the following conversation:

Female intern: We should go to this bar Wonderland Ballroom. I heard it’s pretty good.
Male intern #1: Isn’t that the bar where you need to be on a list to get in?
Male intern #2: I heard it’s a secret password.
Uh oh. Although the idea of badge-wearing interns trying to tell the guy at the door a secret password is pretty funny. Maybe folks sitting outside should give interns some fake ones. "Hey, kid - tell the guy 'smorgasbord.' Then wink."

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