Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fountains going in at CH Civic Plaza

The other day I noticed some weird looking things going in at the Columbia Heights Civic Plaza at 14th and Kenyon/Park - wasn't sure if they were lights, or fountains, or what. Today I read the plan for the project, and it looks like these are in fact the fountains:
A special circle, thirty feet in diameter is located at the center of
the Plaza. Here, the Plaza forms a shallow bowl and is depressed approximately 12 inches and surrounded by seat walls on three sides. Located within this circle is the primary feature of the Plaza – a public, interactive fountain with informally placed jets of water that may be programmed in a syncopated rhythm. The fountain
symbolizes the spontaneity and vitality of the Columbia Heights neighborhood. It is also designed to have several ‘phases of intensity’, which facilitate diverse uses of the Plaza.
It also looks like that orange-looking paving pattern is really going in - before it was unclear if that was just meant to highlight the area or if it's really how it's going to look. The plan says:
The Plaza is organized around a strong geometric paving pattern, derived from overlaying a kaleidoscopic image upon a radialconcentric design which emanates from the center. The paving extends across the intersection, unifying the entire open space and new buildings, to create the sense of a much larger and cohesive public space.
Here's the streetscape plan's website.

Picture of the paving below, from the plan:

Update: Should have added that the project is supposed to be done this summer.


  1. yuck, it's a giant pizza stone. how about some grass?

  2. Any idea of when the fountains will be up and running? I love the plan but hate the "shade flowers" - they are so tacky to me.

  3. Supposed to be done this summer - just added that to the post.

  4. so from the plan it looks like they are going to pave over a part of kenyon street. is this an oversight or will it still fork when it hits 14th?

  5. Grass? Are you smoking any? As heavily trafficked as this area is, the grass would be dirt in two weeks.


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