Monday, June 8, 2009

Car fire near Georgia and Columbia, with photos

A reader sent in these photos, with this description:
I awoke to the sound of someone laying on their horn. After a minute or two, when they wouldn't lay off, I looked out the window and saw that a vehicle was on fire on the other side of the basketball court. I called 911 at 4:26 A.M. From my window, it looked like the car was on Irving, but when I got up on the basketball court to take the pictures, it appeared to be the case that it was on an alley between Irving and Columbia.

Best I could tell, no one was in the car. No ambulance arrived after the firefighters put out the flames.

PS: This is the second car fire I've seen in the hood in a month.
Anyone else see this, or other car fires?


  1. I saw it too -- I live next door to your reader. Was a little concerned about the trees and garages near the burning SUV, but DC FEMS responded fast.

  2. I saw a car fire on 10th and Monroe back in mid April.

  3. The car, in all liklihood, is stolen.


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