Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Beer Run: Carolina Market

Carolina Market
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I haven't done the Beer Run series in awhile, where I go to local stores that sell beer, so I stopped into Carolina Market at 14th and Newton.

This is a weird place. I don't know if it just opened or was closing, but when I went in, on a Saturday afternoon, it was dark inside and they had almost nothing on the shelves -- a couple of bags of chips, some other random items, and maybe 4 six-packs of beer in some coolers that didn't feel cold. Maybe there was a power outage, though it seemed like there was some music coming from somewhere, or it was just a weird place. I left pretty quickly.

So, basically, try somewhere else. Maybe I caught them at a bad time, but the place was not very welcoming.

The ratings:

Selection: 0 - almost nothing
Price: N/A - see selection
Ambiance: 0! awful

That would be the worst rating so far. I'll check back in a few weeks to see if it's still so bad, or even still there.

Carolina Market is at 14th and Newton Street NW

UPDATE: commenters say the place is always like that, which makes me wonder how it stays open? Something else must be going on, or maybe they sell stuff I didn't see -- there were a lot of glass counters towards the back.


  1. This place is shady... your experience has been mine, each of the three times I have been in there. Not sure how they pay the rent...

  2. no, that is what that place is like all the time.

  3. that's bizarre. Makes me wonder if it's a front or something.

  4. Ummm yeah, that sounds like they sell "stuff you don't see" to me.

  5. Next time ask in they have and "Jamaican beer". The worst thing you'll leave with is Red Stripe. Nah, don't do that to yourself.

  6. This is definitely a front for something. Calling cards maybe? I just moved into the area and walked into Carolina Market to check out the wares. Ended up doing an abrupt about-face after the cold welcome and the clear sense that this is not a typical corner market.

  7. You think that's weird, try the DC Fish Carryout at 14th and Otis - the kitchen is completely shut down but still has the menu.

    Truly bizarre - I asked the guy at the counter if they sell fish and he looked at me weird, and said No.


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