Monday, May 4, 2009

Wanna buy a hillside lot?

I was walking down Florida Ave the other day and saw this lot between 14th and 15th Streets. It's about the only empty lot around, but it's really steep - it probably drops 100 feet from Belmont to Florida. The building in the middle of the picture behind the tree is only two stories, if that gives you an idea. You can see the same spot on Google Maps Streetview, the building to the west has big support pillars. The site might make for some pretty interesting building.

Something else kind of interesting and related to that steepness -- Florida Ave used to be the boundary of the city of Washington when it was first planned, and it was called Boundary Street. The land north of the street was part of Washington County. It makes sense where they put it, as Florida Ave is the northern boundary of the flat land - look pretty much anywhere along Florida, and the land to the north goes steeply up. Would have been tough to ride up 13th Street on a horse or in a carriage.


  1. Nothing to see here. Just testing to see if I can post here. Have tried repeatedly in the past, it never worked. Maybe it will now.

  2. Florida Ave at this spot is actually the "fall line." It's where the coastal plain meets the piedmont. From there east, the terrain is mostly flat all the way to the sea. From there west, it's hilly.


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