Thursday, May 7, 2009

Update on the CH Farmers Market

I emailed ANC commissioner and Columbia Heights Farmers Market organizer William Jordan about the status, and here's his response:
We will call a community/organizing meeting in the next few weeks to form a "Friends of" group for the civic plaza.. The goal is to have something operational by August/September.. We are working between 3 agencies, DDOT, DMPED and DPR. All have expressed a commitment in helping to get this done. The ANC as passed the necessary resolutions. Change Inc. has committed to continue as fiscal agent for the market. We have potential market managers at the table. In the next month or so we will findout if the community working with the city, developers, business owners and community organizations can pull this off.
The market has been planned for the refurbished Columbia Heights Civic Plaza, the area at the intersection of Park, Kenyon and 14th. Here's more on it.

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  1. While looking forward to a farmer's market on the site, I cringe at the thought of bronat/William Jordan's involvement, especially if he was the one who organized the prior CH farmer's market on the site of Highland Park before it was built. Good intentions aside, that one was terrible, much smaller and generally lamer one than the Mt. Pleasant farmer's market. There were just a handfull of vendors, and half of them were basically selling junky non-food items. It was sparsely attended. CH has come a long way since then, so let's hope this new incarnation of the farmer's market really comes together with high-quality produce and interesting, healthy food in general. No junk peddlers, please!


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