Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Turtles for sale?

Pretty weird - the blog Mr. T in DC talks about seeing a street vendor selling baby turtles outside the Samuel Kelsey Apartments on 14th at Monroe Street. Pretty odd. Mr. T wonders where the guy got the turtles and if he breeds them.

I haven't seen this guy around, but I'll keep my eyes open. Anyone else see him?


  1. I saw that yesterday evening. I actually didn't realize they were turtles and thought they were salamanders or some type of lizard. Regardless, I didn think 'who would want to buy that?' and 'how much money can someone make selling'

  2. I saw two guys last Saturday in front of DCUSA selling baby turtles. I also saw a woman looking at one with her young children. Someone should tell her that turtles are not a great pet for little kids, since they carry salmonella.

  3. Anyone turned these guys in yet? Selling turtles under 4 inches in shell-length is illegal in the US due to the salmonella risks with kids putting them in their mouths.

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  5. Next time, call animal control and/or the health department. It's illegal in all 50 states and DC to sell a turtle under 4". Likely you were seeing hatchling red-eared sliders, which are bred in huge "turtle farms" in southern states. Sliders can grow to be 6-12", and live 20+ years with proper care - there are hundreds of them in our area needing new homes, because most people don't realize they need a 55 or 75 gallon aqaurium for ONE adult slider. The illegal sale of baby sliders is a huge problem in this country - red-eared sliders are NOT native to the east coast, but so many have been dumped here, we have ferals competing with our native turtles. There's also the risk of salmonella from a stressed-out reptile, especially around children and the elderly.
    Visit or to learn more.

    If you see baby turtles being sold in MD, please contact the state Natural Resources Police at 410-356-7060. In DC, call the health department/animal control. In VA, contact the Dept. of Game and Inland Fisheries. In another state, contact the regional FDA office to lodge a consumer complaint - the phone numbers are at


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