Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Today is Limerick Day

New NCH writer Martha pointed out that today is Limerick Day, so here's one I whipped up about the neighborhood:

There once was a man from the Heights
Who liked to get in fights.
He went to Wonder-bar
Drank beer for many hour
then wished he'd only had Sprite.
Anyone else got any Columbia Heights-related limericks? Make up your own and post them in the comments.


  1. Your limerick sucked dude.

  2. There was a man in a rowhouse of ole
    On a street just north of Tivol'
    He tried to go forth
    And change the name of up-north
    But everyone just called him "A-hole"

  3. there was on the Hill a young sage
    he thought Obama's taxes outrage
    so he said to his wife
    what's that thing that you like?
    "Teabagging," she said, "all the rage."

  4. anon #1 - thanks!

    the other two are pretty good.


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