Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sugar cane man at 14th and Quincy

I've been meaning to write about this for awhile, and the Circulator bus's Youtube page (which I'll write about later) reminded me. There's a guy at 14th and Quincy, right outside The Red Derby, who sells sugarcane and coconuts. If you ask for the sugarcane, he cuts it up for you, and if you ask for a coconut, he chops the top off with a machete while holding it. Then once you drink it all he'll chop it open for you so you can eat the insides, again while holding it in one hand. Pretty wild, and pretty cool. Here's a video:

Anybody been to this guy?


  1. I go to this guy, he's there Saturdays when it's nice out. You can get all kinds of stuff - coconut with cayenne pepper and lime is on point.

  2. Pretty common in his home country, I bet. I love seeing this importation of culture. I have wonderful memories of the coco guy whacking the tops off for me and my wife in Mexico. Seing it in CH makes me happy.

  3. I've been trying to get sugar can juice for the longest time! So glad I found this :) Is he just there on Saturdays?

  4. He's there every Saturday in the spring and summer. I think it's just warm enough now. If it's nice this weekend he might be making his first appearance of the year. Check him out - maybe he's other places, too, IDK


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