Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sherman Ave streetscape upgrades

Looks like there's some money to upgrade the Sherman Avenue streetscape coming in the Federal stimulus bill. Glad to see - Sherman is kind of a crummy looking street. It looks like construction will start in 2010 and will focus on:
Pedestrian and traffic safety improvements
Improved sidewalks
Dozens of additional street trees
Enhanced street lighting
Here's the link from Jim Graham's website.


Ward1Guy said...

Call me crazy but there's something about the sun-drenched grittiness of Sherman Ave. that I find appealing. I badly needs a facelift, but I'll miss the rundown version of this road.

Anonymous said...

What about the tree-lined median? Will that still be part of the project?

ShermGuy said...

FINALLY! I've been living on the Sherm for 3 years and after lots of rumors, it's finally happening. Great news for homeowners (me) and the overall safety of the area. Sherman Ave may no longer be the armpit of CH (I hope).