Sunday, May 31, 2009

Puppy found!

A neighbor posted this photo and message on the Ward 1 list serve - look familiar?
FOUND: Puppy at 11th and Park Rd NW

Saturday morning around 11:00 AM a small brown/tan/white pit bull-mix puppy wandered into the greenspace at 11th and Park NW. He was wearing a bright orange collar and is probably about 4 months old. I am attaching a photo and if you know who the owner may be, please call Jessica at 301-520-2524 or Jill at (513) 460-0242.

UPDATE: the puppy has been reunited with his owner. Happy ending!


  1. The owner called the humane society yesterday and he was returned by one of our neighbors. Thanks for spreading the news!

  2. Ha! Small world. That puppy started following my dog, and I took him to the dog park to see if anyone knew who the owner was.

    Someone I know from the dog world took it in and put up flyers. I'm glad this story had a happy ending.


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