Friday, May 29, 2009

Police foot chase around Holmead & Otis

Pretty crazy, my buddy witnessed a police chase last night around Holmead Place last night.

He was hanging out with some friends in front of their house and saw a few police cars with their lights on near the corner of Holmead and Otis NW, so they went to take a look. While walking up, a big guy, maybe 200+ pounds, came running down the street towards them, followed by a running cop. The big guy turned into the alley heading towards 14th Street and the cop followed, then about 8 or 9 police cars came flying around, probably going to cut him off or box him in. About 3 minutes later the cop came back with the suspect handcuffed, and the suspect yelled something like "throw out the food!", which I'm guessing is code for drugs - so maybe it was a drug bust. My buddy said he saw a stopped car, so that could have been it also.

Sounds like an exciting time on Holmead, which I think is often an exciting street.

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  1. Holmead & MeridianMay 30, 2009 at 3:03 PM

    WHY do I always hear about this stuff happening within a block or two of me like a day late?

    Do I sleep through everything?


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