Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Party photos at Wonderland

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Originally uploaded by Sexy Fitsum
My buddy passed these on to me, some photos from the See You Next Tuesday party at the Wonderland Ballroom this past Tuesday. The next one is on June 26. There's a bunch of locals DJs who play, and judgding by the photos, there's a pretty big crowd. Here's the Myspace page for the party and here's more photos from it.

Comments? Fun? Lame?


  1. Yet another reason to hate Wonderland.

  2. Death To False Hipsters. Looks like an Urban Outfitters exploded.

  3. Yeah, that's exactly what we need..another shitty dance party. Thanks for ruining the Tuesday night screenings upstairs. *shakes fist at jerkoffs*

  4. OMG this party sucked so bad. I mean look at these dudes - http://www.flickr.com/photos/sexyfitsum/sets/72157618123558392/ - I wonder if that's cool. WTF!?!?!


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