Wednesday, May 27, 2009

MPD on minibikes

You may have noticed a lot of people (mostly kids) riding minibikes, the Charlie Brown-style small motorcycle, around the neighborhood. Well, MPD is not a fan.
It is illegal to ride or operate a minibike, dirt bike, or All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) on the District’s streets or sidewalks. It is okay to ride bicycles, mopeds, motorized bicycles, Segways, and motorcycles on the street, but not on city sidewalks.
(They add that you can ride Segways and regular bikes on sidewalks outside downtown)

MPD has a couple flyers about what's legal and what's not on their minibike website, with one saying "Don’t jive and ride an illegal ride. Abide by the
law knowing what you can or can not ride!" Quite the tongue-twister.


  1. I thought at first when I read the headline that the MPD was actually riding minibikes...

  2. Get the goddamn bikes off the sidewalks! It kills me. Makes drivers think that it's right to bike on sidewalks/biking on the street is stepping on their territory. Blah, I'm sick of these idiot kids zipping down narrow sidewalks on their bikes.


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