Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Meridian Pint update - late 2009 or early 2010

The City Paper's Housing Complex blog has an update on Meridian Pint, the upcoming bar and restaurant at 11th and Park Road: the CP's Ruth Samuelson talked to owner John Andrade, and there will be "a lounge in the newly, dug-out basement level, and a restaurant on the ground level." He expects to be able to start build-out in 4 to 5 months, since they're still working on the building, and that the place will be open at the end of this year or early next year.

The sooner the better!

Photo taken by me on April 18


  1. Listen to Ras Kass' "Nature of the Threat" before you run around Columbia Heights, transplants!!

    Have fun with your light beer and button-down shirts at Meridian Pint.

    Just remember:

    - You were not invited to Columbia Heights by its residents, but by a government anxious to get those residents out

    - Calling people "Orange-liners" isn't funny; you were an orange-liner or equivalent the whole time you were growing up

    - "New" Columbia Heights is a shitty, demeaning, fucked-up name for a blog about white privilege in the belly of DC's increasingly hidden past

  2. Welcome to the blog.

    I would argue that no one was invited to the neighborhood, people came where they chose to come. People liked what they saw here, and moved in.

    And as for the blog name, it was originally New (Columbia) Heights, as in New Heights. But in any case, the neighborhood is changing a lot, and I think the name fits, there are certainly a lot of new things. I'm not saying the old neighborhood has been erased, or that it should be - it's just a name. I wanted it to be Heights of Columbia, but that was already taken.

    In this case, I like drinking beer, so I support the bar. It was a boarded up store before.

  3. Justin clearly longs for the post-riots, pre-Metro/redevelopment days when the neighborhood was crime-ridden and economically stagnant, driving the middle class out into the auto-dependent suburbs, and harming the region as a whole. Urban neighborhoods should have nice things, like decent sit-down restaurants, too!

  4. Justin, are you kidding me? If getting rid of the punks on Columbia between 13-14 is your idea of "the hidden past", I'm all for it. I moved here from Takoma and love the easy access to metro and shops. If you want it more filled with run down and non-existent shopping/restaurants, move to Baltimore.

  5. Justin -

    First to validate my 'cred' according to your warped standards, I grew up in DC and when I was born the orange line didn't exist.

    Second I don't care who lived in CH before I did. Throughout history the only valid invitations have been 'for sale' signs and white flags.

    In the mean time you and your music can suck it. We're here drinking beer and there's nothing you can do about it.


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