Friday, May 22, 2009

How should you report graffiti?

The other day I emailed the Columbia Heights listserve about how to report graffiti, and here's the answer: Call 311 and/or report at The graffiti requests will also be forwarded to the city's gang unit. In addition, the person who responded, Yaiza E. Garabito-Burrell, the Ward 1 Outreach & Services Specialist said:
Each Ward has 2 Outreach Service Representatives of which can facilitate in assisting with matters that need immediate attention. You may contact the Mayor's Office by calling (202) 442-8150.
Photo by me


  1. please don't report and/or remove the ass cobra grafitti. that shit cracks my ass up.

  2. @Anonymous 11:35. It wouldn't crack your ass up if you had just sunk your life savings into a historic home with gorgeous 19th century brick that lasted 110 years in its natural unpainted state until some clown with a spraypaint can showed up. The facade in the picture is already painted and likely not historic, but Crimes Against History should be punished severely. They are destroying things than can never be restored.

  3. "facilitate in assisting" -- ugh. Government.

  4. Got to agree with Ward1 guy on this one. Sure, some of the graffiti is amusing, but it can really be a problem for homeowners.

  5. I support artistic graffiti.. even ass cobra. I like ironic, i like artsy, I prefer it to the old and historic. It's alive. The old brick, is just aging.


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