Wednesday, May 13, 2009

ANC meeting tonight

Looks like this Wednesday's ANC 1A meeting is going to have some interesting stuff:
Catholic Charities – Chelsea Hicks

Park Mortan Development Proposal – Adrian Washington

Court Services and Offender Supervision – Luella Johnson

Washington Parks and People – Steve Coleman

DCUSA Parking Garage – William Jordan

Grant Application – Fiesta DC – Teddy Loza
1314 Park Road – (Samuel Johnson)
Church of Christ Parking Requirement 3609 Georgia Ave – Jania Otey (Cliff Valenti)
Caribbean Festival - Letter of Support/Grant for June 27 – Loughten B. Saragent (Cliff Valenti)
Traffic Calming 1300 Block Newton – Resolution (William Jordan)
New Committees for Standard Operating Proceedures (Lisa Kralovik)
Thai Tanic – Letter of Support to ABRA – Suriyan Scorsat (Calvin Woodland)
Five Star Corporation, Lions Liquors – Protest Letter (Cliff Valenti)
Looking Glass Lounge – (Cliff Valenti)
Giant Liquors – Voluntary Agreement (Cliff Valenti)
Cavalier Wine and Liquor – Voluntary Agreement (Betty Pair)
Not A Biker or Bar/Meridian Pint – Voluntary Agreement - (Samuel Johnson)
C.C. Liquors – Cooperative Agreement (William Jordan)
The meeting is Wednesday, May 13th and 7PM at Harriet Tubman Elementary School - 3101 13th Street NW.

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