Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Affordable condos coming to 14th and Clifton

Kind of cool to see, after all the fancy new developments in the neighborhood, there's going to be some affordable condos coming in. The project, to be called Cardozo Court, is being built by Manna, Inc, a DC affordable housing nonprofit and only folks making less than 60% of the area's median income are eligible to love there.

It will be located at 1343 Clifton Street NW, which I'm pretty sure is the empty lot next to the Duron paint store at 14th and Clifton.


  1. Oh, wonderful, that stretch of 14th Street already has such a huge concentration of subsidized housing. Cramming more in there is a fabulous idea!

    Maybe we can get a variance from the city on building height restrictions so we can build 100-story towers and move every unit of subsidized housing on the East coast to a ten block strip of 14th Street. Then we surround it with luxury condos and watch the community it builds.

  2. Yes, it seems like that stretch of 14th street is already carrying more than its fair share of affordable housing, thousands of units. It's important to have affordable housing, but it should be spread out through the city and surrounding jurisdictions, not concentrated all in one place.

  3. This is just another result of the Fed's effort to artificially propping up housing prices. If it just allowed housing prices to fall to reasonable levels, there would be no need for "affordable housing" projects.

  4. Informed Neighbor

    Commenters be mindful before you generalize about "affordable housing projects".

    This project will create 15 affordable homeownership condo units. This means, the people that buy here have to get their own mortgage, so they are making a committed investment.

    The lot has been vacant for over a decade, so this is a good use of the land. Let's not forget that many families who have lived in this neighborhood for generations are being priced out, and this is an opportunity to maintain economic diversity in Columbia Heights.

  5. I understand that these will be different than the giant subsidized apartment buildings that they will stand next to, but I still don't think we should be cramming every subsidized unit in the neighborhood into one stretch.

    I want diversity, I want people who have lived here to be able to stay here. But I think putting all of the subsidized housing, no matter what kind, in the same place will make things worse, not better.

  6. Jon - before you assume that this project "will make things worse", why don't you wait and make an effort to meet the new homeowners. I trust they are looking for a good neighborhood, too and might be willing to contribute to positive efforts to clean up trouble areas.

  7. It's not about the new neighbors. I'm sure they'll be lovely people. I don't mean to attack the people who will eventually live in this building.

    My problem is creating this giant mass of subsidized housing. Other cities have experimented with spreading out the affordable housing, so that a person getting help can't be identified by the building in which he or she lives. I'd like to see that here.

  8. If anything, this project should be a high-end luxury condo building, in order to bring some diversity to a stretch that lacks diversity in incomes. It would be good to have peckets of affluence mixed in with the affordable housing units, just as it would be good to mix in affordable units in more affluent stretches. It's not about the neighborhood as a whole, but rather the stretch of 14th Street between Columbia Road and Clifton Streets.

  9. I don't think we should artificially limit who can live in certain places, and I am 100% against concentrating poor people together as it tends to lead to crime. If we must artificially create affordable housing, we should should not concentrate it. It should be scattered and well-mixed among houses or condos at market value.


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