Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What if the Real World came to Columbia Heights?

So the Washington Business Journal is reporting that MTV's The Real World might come to Adams Morgan. I've heard this rumor about 5 times in the past 10 years, so who knows if it will actually happen, but I was inspired by this post over at The 42 Bus - what if the Real World went to different neighborhoods?

What if they came to Columbia Heights? They'd probably either pick a condo in one of the new fancy buildings (penthouse, no doubt) or maybe fix up a rowhouse. If it's a rowhouse, they'd probably have neighbors calling the cops on them all the time for being loud and drunk and up all hours of the night. They might also try to crash house parties around the hood, as has been known to happen by non-Real World people in the hood.

I bet they'd go to Wonderland, unless the bar banned them. If they did go there, half the crowd (the half that lives around the neighborhood) would probably be hostile, while the other half (the half from the Hill and Virginia and such) would probably be more along the lines of "WOO! I'm on TV!!" However, knowing the usual party scene for Real World people, they'd most likely go to Adams Morgan at night, which means late night stumbling home up Columbia Road, and maybe some kind of altercation with locals/cops/crews. Maybe some kicking out from the Heights or CommonWealth too for drunkeness.

I also bet there'd be lots of exterior shots of the kids at Starbucks and maybe some arguments at Target. There'd also be some naive castmember shocked at all the black/Hispanic/gay/what have you people around, because that happens every season.

And there'd probably be a lot of gawkers, standing outside the house, trying to catch a glimpse, and so on.

So would you want the Real World people in the neighborhood? What would you do?


  1. I think all of DC would be hostile to them.

    I think they would have trouble filming in the heights too. Personally I think the kind of people that go on the Real World would hang in Georgetown, Adams Morgan, and U Street.

  2. What's up with hating on the Hill, Andrew?

  3. It would be my dream come true. It would be the coolest thing to happen to this city since it became cool to live next to slums.

  4. Not hating, John, just that people who work on the Hill often have different opinions than, say, the CH residents who go to Wonderland.

  5. Hill Rats suck...nuff said.


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