Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pan Lourdes is awesome

Pan Lourdes
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So I've been into Pan Lourdes, the new coffee shop/Latin bakery at 3407 14th St NW, a couple times and I'm a fan. The place is packed with various Latin American baked goods, most of which don't have any signs or explanations, so the first time I went in I asked what was good. The lady recommended the bread pudding - tasty. Not too sweet, and had a nice consistency.

The second time I picked a random thing from under the counter, which was a pastry with pineapple filling. It kind of looked like an empanada. It was very good, nice and sweet and fruity, and I was shocked when she rang it up - 66 cents. I don't remember the last time I bought anything for 66 cents. As for drinks, they have regular coffee and the usual bottles - unfortunately no iced coffee or Cuban or Puerto Rican style coffee. But still, pretty tasty and cheap.

They also have tamales and such, but I haven't tried them yet. Pay them a visit!

Here's their Yelp page. (The website on their sign doesn't work)


  1. Do we know its hours of operation?

  2. Good point, I don't. I'll look into it.

  3. It just started opening early (I leave for work at 6:30), but I have to disagree, I think it is terrible. There coffee blows.

  4. Their coffee costs like four cents. Who cares if it's no good?

  5. Yes, their coffee and tea aren't good, and the ambiance is questionable, but the pastries are tasty and oh so cheap. Get them to go, by the bucketful, and get your coffee and tea elsewhere. I also had the bread pudding, and it is delicious!

  6. On the related note of CH eateries, I noticed today that Sake Club removed their "coming soon" sign. The space remains vacant.

  7. Bad news on Sake Club. On the one hand, that should help out Nori, who are genuinely good people, to survive (no way they could compete with Sake Club), but on the other, there is now less incentive for Nori to prepare Sushi that is not god-awful. Just buy quality fish, please, instead of trying to masquerade the grade-B fish in a thousand extra ingredients ...


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